Java Stencil Report

Version: 0.3.6

  • Added CSV export (this allow to export in a format compatible with spreadsheet program as: Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Gnumeric, KSpead ...)
  • Added text line spacing (line height) control in print model editor
  • Enanched prefix-suffix system in evaluation wizard (space normalization)
  • Added work-around to Java Virtual Machine (JRE 1.7.0) bug (BUG-ID: 7022041), that create fatal error in main report frame
  • Added some missing localizations
  • Resolved problem with window and dialog size in some system (restore windows size by main menu and preview button in print/export dialog)

Version: 0.3.5

  • A new menu has been added to drive users between the functions of the program.
  • All the application has been redraw around new menu.
  • All interface has been enanched and modified to be more simple.
  • Some bug have been fixed.

Version: 0.3.4

  • A bug in the print model was fixed: every print model now works with all kind of periodizations.
  • "Form Name" was added in the print model text box object.
  • Control point radius selection is now adjusted at different zooms.
  • The Zoom factor is now limited to 6x. (In this way Graphics2D doesn't allocate to much memory)
  • PDF and PS advanced settings were added.
  • Some localizations were added.

Version: 0.3.3

  • JStencilReport can now export in Post Script and PDF format (with FOP Apache lib)
  • Added image object in print model editor
  • Now is possibile to save Evaluation Wizard file also if there is no stencil inside
  • Enhanced file filter class to support also one point extension (*.PDF, *.PS)
  • Enhanced some piece of code: Error Dialog, Window Close, About Dialog, TextBox, open save dialog.
  • Added new icon

Version: 0.3.2

  • Added a new dialog to quickly add pre inserted evaluation senteces (stencil)
  • Added save button in evaluation wizard dialog
  • Added ISO A,B,C paper seriers in print model (A0,...,A3,A4,...)
  • Enhanced dialog to create a new print model
  • Added a command to remove margin in print dialog but doesn't work for all printer
  • FIXED BUG: Text box in print model now split line in correct way and doesn't cut word!
  • Fixed bug: Annidate JScrollpane that loop and enlarge indefinitely in Text Box proprieties are been removed
  • Fixed bug: Print model paper size and orientation is now recognized in correct way in print dialog
  • Fixed bug: Print model save menu command will call "Save As" if new document are created

Version: 0.3.1

  • Now in print model editor (VectorGraphicsLine) line can be mouse selected with a more accurate mask: 5mm selection border around line instead of a box (where line is diagonal).
  • Added a changeDeep in VGListener, VGEvent
  • Added VectorGraphicsElement z
  • deep (or layer) in status bar.
  • New class JPeriodChooserDialog to have a more user friendly dialog to change form period.
  • Remove redundant period dialog in set evaluation wizard and substituted with JPeriodChooserDialog
  • Randomized the placement of VectorGraphicsElement
  • Added transparency in selection border
  • Generic name "Indicator" is now substituted with a more appropriate "Evaluation Wizard" and "Stencil" in all labels and also in Java Stencil Report folder
  • NEW SET OF ICON in print model editor !!! (created by me with xaralx)
  • NEW button to EASY add Evalutaion Wizard for period.
  • optimized some code, added owner to some dialog