Java Stencil Report

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1. Evaluation Wizard

1.1 Concept

An Evaluation Wizard contains different blocks (stencils) of sentences that represent various parts of an evaluation:

Student Evaluation Wizard example:

  • Capacity of base
  • Capacity of learning
  • Capacity of working in group
  • ...

Every stencil contains different sentences which represent the gradation of an evaluation.


  • He has a very good capacity of learning
  • He has a good capacity of learning
  • He has a medium capacity of learning
  • ...

Every grade of stencils contains two different sentences: one for a male person and one for a female one.


  • He has a good capacity of learning
  • She has a good capacity of learning

1.2 How to create an Evaluation Wizard

In menu select: Edit -> Evaluation Wizard -> Create


This command open the Evaluation Wizard dialog. At the bottom of the window there is some button


  • Add: Add a new stencil
  • Remove: Remove a stencil
  • Up arrow: Move stencil up in stencils table
  • Down arrow: Move stencil down in stencils table
  • Set: Open stencil window to edit selected stencil
  • Save: save Evaluation Wizard to a new file

In order to create a new stencil click to add button. A little window with a text area will be opened.
Write the name of the stencil (Example: Capacity of base) and click "Ok".
Now in the table will compare a new stencil.
Select it and click "Set" button.