Java Stencil Report

Download Java Stencil Report 0.3.6:

You can download last version of Java Stencil Report (JRE 1.5 compatible) directly from here (about 5.6Mb):

Problem with download?:

If dowload fails try to click try to click again yellow button.

Java Stencil Report don't star - Java needed:

In order to run Java Stencil Report you must have installed in your computer Java (JRE - Java Runtime Enviroment - version 1.5 or later). If you don't have it, download Java from Sun site:

Download Java

Portable Version:

You can also download a portable version for Windows from WinPenPack Project:

Download Portable Version of Java Stencil Report

You can get more information about WinPenPack and portable version from offical site

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